We founded Kalea with one goal in mind: to help you thrive. At our core, we believe your scrubs should support the performance you bring to long shifts and the moments of life that happen in between.

Our team worked alongside the best and the brightest medical professionals to create a truly unmatched fabric that combines all the best features on the market. We traveled the world, sourcing and testing the most innovative blends, and KaleaWearâ„¢ was born.

While some choose to focus on a few select qualities, our goal was to capture them all: beautifully wearable, high-performance, brilliantly resilient scrubs that empower you to live your life.

Join us as we bring the strength, flexibility, protection and durability of the most form-flattering and highly functional scrubs to your world.

A new generation of scrubs is here. Welcome to Kalea.

Our Core Values
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